There are those who say you can't have an affordable luxurious lifestyle and yet here you are...

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Gintry Lifestyle

I'm Gonna Let it 'Shine

By Chad Robinson

On this Labor Day, think about celebrating with a bit of white whiskey. Some of you may know it as moonshine, white dog, or white lightning, but whatever you call it, there’s nothing more American than this country concoction. While the United States was still a collection of British colonies, colonists primarily drank rum from the British colonies in the Caribbean. Once the colonies were in rebellion, that Caribbean rum was not flowing like it used to. To compensate, those early Americans began making their own spirits from the rye, corn and barley growing on their farms. Through the Civil War and up to Prohibition, small farmers across the nation distilled their excess grains to make their own spirits. Though... Continue Reading →

Why Men Who Drink Gin Are Better Than You

By Ross Bethune

There’s nothing more divine on this earth than a glass filled with a few fingers of well-aged whiskey, or a crystal tumbler brimming with a generous amount of good scotch. This is a sentiment most men would probably agree upon, that is if they have no clue what they’re talking about. For the longest time, men across the country have associated elegance and class with drinking the darker spirits. They believe by imbibing a drink that has more fire and brimstone in its taste, they can somehow placate their quota of demonstrating ‘manliness’. Little do they know that any modern gentleman with discerning tastes understands that it’s not enough for a drink to have a bite and kick, it needs... Continue Reading →

The Gintry Lifestyle

By Ross Bethune

Definition of the word Gintry in English:


Syllabification: gin-tree

1. The state of timelessness, elegance, and being of exceptional quality without being too extravagant and costly: 

'many smart consumers are seeking the gintry lifestyle'

'more individuals of good social position are participating in the gintry lifestyle movement'

An Experiment in Discovering the Intersection between Luxury and Affordability

By Ross Bethune

Don’t know how to make a classic cocktail? Don’t know what that cocktail would be? Want to learn how to properly cut a cigar? Don't know what cutter is the best to use? Looking for an affordable premium wine? What decanter should I use and why?

These are questions that everyone asks and not everyone gets the most appropriate answer. The staff of Gintry & Co. will provide you with the best possible solutions. We will do our best to present you with various lifestyle options that are both affordable and luxurious. Have a different opinion? Share it with us!

This is our journey and we ask that you join us in this experiment to find the intersection between a luxurious but affordable lifestyle.

Gintry & Co. Founder,
Ross J Bethune